Software Developer

  • London, UK


  • Python
  • AWS
  • Flask
  • SQL


  • Life long learner
  • Self Motivator
  • Good comunicator
  • Positive
  • Creative builder
  • Adaptive
  • Open minded


University of Zagreb

Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Rehabilitation | 2009-2013

About me

In the last year, I changed careers from a medical background to software development and moved from Croatia to London. During this time, I’ve taken on learning Python, using numerous online resources. I have also become an AWS Certified Cloud Practicioner, after taking on Forrest Brazeal's Cloud Resume Challenge. Now I am ready and excited to launch my career and apply these acquired skills while constantly learning more and growing as a developer.

Technical Experience

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practicioner

    July 2020

    Overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications

  • Python:Functional programming with Python | Udemy

    February-March 2020

    Learning path focusing on understanding common functional design patterns, and how these apply to Python and learning the important role that iterators play in functional programming.

  • Python and Flask Bootcamp:Create Websites using Flask | Udemy

    September-October 2019

    Course description – complete definitive guide for developing fully functional websites with the Flask web framework, covering: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4; Python refresher course and advanced concepts; Flask basics, forms, SQL databases; Flask REST API’s; Payments with Stripe; several projects to test these concepts.

  • Complete Python Bootcamp:Go from zero to hero in Python | Udemy

    February-June 2019

    Course description – covers a wide variety of topics, including: command line basics, installing and running python, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, number data types, print formatting, functions, scope, args/kwargs, built-in functions, debugging and error handling, modules, external modules, object oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism, file i/o, advanced methods, unit tests, and more.

  • Python Web Development | Treehouse


    Course organized by units focusing on a project (Build a Soccer League, Secret Messages, Work Log, Store Inventory, Build a Personal Learning Journal with Flask, Mineral Catalog, User Profile with Django, Filtering and Searching the Mineral Catalog, Improve a Django Project, Todo API with Flask, Pug or Ugh API and Social Team Builder), with a final exam. The course contents focus on: covering all python fundamentals, object oriented programming with python, other advanced programming concepts (regex, data structure types, i/o, databases, pipenv, etc), HTTP basics, HTML and CSS, Flask, Django, Flask REST API, Deployments with Heroku. Additionally went through SQL elective part of the course.

Professional Experience

  • Ayurvedic Technician | New Earth Health Center, Zagreb


    Learning and applying the traditional Panchakarma philosophy and methodologies. Performing all Ayurvedic therapies and treatments

  • Nanny


    Taking care of twins from eighteen months of age until the age of three throughout most of the day and/or nights.

  • In-home Therapist for child with developmental delay


    Utilizing sensory stimulation through play, as well as orofacial stimulation and floor time therapy to help a child reach developmental milestones typical for his chronological age. After a year he caught up with his peers and was no longer in need of therapy sessions.

  • Teaching Assistant for Children with ASD


    Assisting a child with autism in everyday situations during his period of inclusion in a kindergarten group, as well as in-home tutoring after kindergarten hours (floor time therapy).

  • In-home Teaching Assistent for child with learning disabilities


    Assisting a child with learning disabilities in his schoolwork.